Hmmm... I'm trying to understand what you're like, but that is trying to understand too much
You are the kind to express her ideas completely and such
You can control all your thoughts with your very own power
To place you in Gryffindor is the smartest thing I can do at this hour

--- Sorting Hat

Oh, wow. That’s lovely!



Wow, thank you Schue, that’s lovely!

XD How are you, Albinia?

I’m great! It’s oddly sunny today, don’t you think? It’s strange, because the sky is grey and it’s cold out… Wow, well, anyway, how are you?


albiniablanche replied to your post: 5 nicest people you know

Oh, wow. Look, that’s me!

It’s true! :3

Wow, thank you Schue, that’s lovely!

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ooc: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. D: I speak spanish and that class was super hard for me. ;-;

ooc: OKAY OKAY WELL I HAD REASONING BEHIND IT. I already speak French, and I was going to take Spanish 1 next fall, but my French teacher said it would be too easy for me and I’d want to kill myself, so I decided to take it over the summer, which is only 15 hours or so instead of a whole school year. BUT IT’S STILL NOT FUN AND I HAVE ALL MY TESTS TODAY.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead: I lift my lids and all is born again.

Melody- Kate Earl

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